Thee Unique Guitars Blog

February 6, 2011

Been really enjoying Mark O’Hara’s UNQIUE GUITAR BLOG! Lots of great info I haven’t seen anywhere else on line. I highly recommend going back through all his old posts.


Recording 12-String Electric Guitar

January 6, 2008

DualOutput12String.jpgLast time around I wasn’t crazy about the guitar sound we got for Frank’s electric 12-String. On our previous recording it didn’t really sound that different from a regular guitar; you couldn’t really hear the “12-String” quality and the resonance from Frank’s special tuning (A lot of Ds I think). Also, I wanted to record multiple tracks of the same performance to play around with (the primary plan is to have two tracks of the same performance that are tonally different hard panned to each speaker to give the guitar more presence and depth). Frank has also added a second pickup to his guitar with a different output since our last recording, so we also wanted to use both of those too. Here’s what we did: Read the rest of this entry »

Kick Drum Mic Isolation Box

December 30, 2007

KickDrumMicIsolationThis time around we used a wooden box Frank put together to isolate the kick drum mic. We wrapped the outside in packing blankets and taped it to the kick drum sides. Initially there was a bad sounding tight reverb from the inside of the box so we lined the inside of the box with more blankets as well. Read the rest of this entry »

Studio Flooded!

April 18, 2007

FrankSunday night New York was treated to an uncommon amount of rain (7.45 inches in 24 hours)! Unfortunately, about 6 of those inches ended up in our Red Hook basement studio!. Our Kick drum, a few speaker cabinets, two amp heads(!), and countless cables were under water probably for much of Sunday night. Frank pulled out the important stuff that was standing in the water as soon as he discovered the pond Monday morning, but we were not able to really take anything apart and dry it until that night. As usual, Frank was the mastermind of all our gear cleanup, etc., so any credit for saving anything goes to him. Here’s what we did: Read the rest of this entry »

Waves TrueVerb Great for Vocals

April 7, 2007

Been playing around with the Waves TrueVerb plug-in while mixing down the Falcon & The Snowman recording we did a few weeks ago. I don’t like the sound of reverb. In the 90s I was totally against using it ever, and pretty much for the past few years I’ve used it a bit, but my philosophy has always been if you can tell that it’s there, then it is too much. But, more and more I’ve been coming back to reverb to breath some life into vocal and snare tracks particularly, and for F&TS I’ve been really happy with the effect of the TrueVerb plug-in by Waves. Read the rest of this entry »

Miking Guitar “Room” Sound

April 5, 2007
From Hook Nook Rec…

The Hook Nook is blessed/cursed with a pretty peculiar space. Our studio is in one cozy corner of a giant concrete basement filled with ancient wood pillars, spiders, and a pit of standing water. When we recorded Falcon & The Snowman, we set them up to record live, but we had the guitar amps outside our studio room to cut down on the bleed into the drum mics. We ended only using 5 tracks for drums, and one for each of the two guitar amps Bucci was playing out of, so we had one track left over. Frank and I decided to try to put one of our Crown condenser mics somewhere else in the basment to pick up both guitar amps echoing through the space. Read the rest of this entry »

Sennheiser e602 vs. AKG D 112

March 28, 2007
From Hook Nook Rec…

Earlier This year, Frank acquired a AKG D 112 large-diaphragm mic for bass instruments. Previously, we’ve been using a Sennheiser e602 to record our kick drum, so we decided to do some side-by-side tests when we were setting up to record Falcon & The Snowman last weekend. We were recording the outer head, since the port in Jake’s kick drum head was too small for the AKG mic. Frank did a lot of research when we decided to get the e602, but, at least for this situation, we ended up liking the sound of D 112 a lot more!
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We Have Been Remiss…

March 12, 2007

In posting for the past year or so. In that time we’ve had some pretty radddd experiences recording-wise including:

  1. Tracking a few songs to 2-inch tape at the amazing M.A.R.S Recording Studio in Bellingham, WA! Ryan Anderson, the engineer and proprietor there, is a master of that analog gear, and we learned a ton from watching him. If only our band’s performance in the studio had been worthy of all that great gear!
  2. We got our EP (the one that we posted so much about recording below…) mastered by Tom Ruff from Asbury Media with some great super-fancy gear at the Sony Recording Studio. Tom has won two Grammies for his mastering work, so he really knows his stuff. I was lucky enough to be able to sit in on the mastering session and it was really wild and inspiring.
  3. And we finally re-built our studio at our new spot down in Red Hook. “The Hook Nook” is now up and running, and we are recording our first band next weekend! Those heavy cats: Falcon and The Snowman! Will our new room be able to handle the hugeness of F&TS? More soon about that and hopefully tons of photos of mics…

Miking the snare vent actually bad idea

May 15, 2006

Forget what I said about miking the snare vent. There is WAY too much bleed. Even though in the studio the sound of the snare track was closest to what we wanted, it ended up having so much bleed that it was really hard to work with. Tons of hi-hat and kick. On our other recordings I was able to get the snare to sound really snappy by boosting up the treble and then putting a gate on it to cut out the bleed and the snare vibrations that were bothering me. But There’s so much bleed on the snare vent track that I can’t really gate it at all, without a lot of obvious artifacts anyway. I had to mess around for an hour with some multi-band gate/compressors/limiters and I got an ok sound, but no that great.

Lost Our Studio

May 13, 2006

Sadly the guy we were subletting our corner of the basement lost his lease, so currently our recording gear is collecting dust in my apartment. I'm still mixing down our last recordings at home though, getting ready to have them mastered by a professional! Finally got a descent snare sound with some aggressive eq'ing and gating, so maybe I'll post something about that tomorrow…